Our team at Mindtrades utilizes their years of financial knowledge to make this perplexing, and fast-paced sector more manageable for companies of all scales.
How FinTechs Are Eating Banking for Breakfast

The term “platform” is generally used as a technology construct; however, the term can also be used as a business model. Platform business models are dominating the banking industry. Hardly a recent …

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Open Banking with TrueLayer

TrueLayer, a London based startup, has developed one of the first Open Banking using the Revised Payment Service Directive or PSD2 which is based on payment APIs. The payment initiation process …

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Mindtrades’s 2020 Prediction for Fintech Industry

Banking and fintech industries have seen many innovations in the past few years. The idea of ordering everything online from medicines to groceries to gadgets is a drastic change in the financial …

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How Digital Transformation Will Affect the Finance Industry

Technology has provided many benefits to the finance sector. However, there are some drawbacks to the digital transformation of the industry. The use of AI and automation will lead to job loss for …

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