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We strive to innovate your business and hasten its journey to full digital potential by implementing technological solutions to traditional...

Cloud Migration
& Big data

Migrate Your Legacy Data to the Cloud with Mind Trades Consulting. Mind Trades has experience with combing , cleaning and...


The world is more connected than ever, and as the connectivity continues to increase the necessity to protect your business also grows...


Data science can be a tricky subject, and not every company knows how to take advantage of their inhouse data assets. we will develop...

Agile Delivery

Agile is a proven method to change your business for the better. Our expertise will transform your business, heighten your teams...

Technology Partners

In an ever-changing industry, Mindtrades has associated itself with more than 200 data and analytics, CMS/CRM, cloud and digital experience partners across the globe to aide in providing an optimal experience for businesses.

Technological solutions to modern business problems

From creating web and mobile experiences to generating sales, we will help your business revolutionize and maximize your full digital potential. We implement the most advanced digital technologies to build products that solve the most complex business problems.

Case Study

PDPM Success Story at SNF

Helping Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) can make the transition to Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) in a painless and patient first manner.