How 2020 will change the Telecommunication Industry?

Rashmi JainFebruary 1, 2020

There has been some significant transformation in the Telecommunications industry in the past few years. With the emergence of new technologies, telecommunication is all set to see an unprecedented change in 2020. Let’s see how what 2020 holds for the telecommunication sector:

The 5G Connectivity:

The 5G promises not only the higher speed but also ultra-low latency, enable network slicing, and improved data rates. The advent of 5G will opens the door for new services, and it will eventually bring a boon for the infrastructure, network, and equipment vendors. The customer will experience a completely new range of services with increased download speeds and unlimited data plans at much lower rates.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the constant advancement in AI and machine learning, it is expected that optimization and predictive maintenance of the telecommunication sector will increase drastically. As we move towards faster connectivity, the rate of data produced by the digital consumer will increase, which presents a massive opportunity for Big Data analysis. When assessed and executed upon, big data can help telecoms build a stronger business. AI and Big Data will be a major player for the success of any telecom enterprise.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In IoT market, telecom industry plays a large role by enabling connectivity within devices and to the internet. Data centres and base stations can be monitored remotely with the use of IoT devices. It will also enable multi-devices connectivity. It is estimated that in coming years, the number of IoT devices connected per person on Earth would be 10. As the number of connected devices will increase, it will raise a concern for breaches and security in data. While IoT technology offers some advantages, it might disrupt the telecom industry.

Cyber Security

There wasn’t month in 2019 when we didn’t hear about the data breach. The digital world has crippled us to the use of cell phones, video calls, emails, and messages; they are the means to stay connected. A lot of sensitive information gets exchanges using these devices, making it one of the hit target for cybercriminals. The complex infrastructure of the connection might attract the cybercriminals to find a loophole and attack on it. Not only it will damage the reputation of the telecom company being attacked, it might result in data leakage of personal and confidential information of the consumer.

Data security and privacy will be a major concern over the next few years. The consumers are more concerned with the safety of their data. 5G technology has too many expectations and we wait to see if it will serve it all. With the technologies like 5G and AI, 2020 will be an excited year for the telecom industry.

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