Cyber Security

Why Cyber Security is so Important

Lawrence TillsonJuly 25, 2020

Cyber security is a subsection of the greater subject of information security, which aims to protect an organization’s information assets. Cyber security focuses on guarding computer systems and components such as hardware, software, data, and digital infrastructure. Recently, cyber security has become a hot button issue due to the vulnerabilities of individuals, governments and various organizations, particularly companies that store large amounts of customer information.

The importance of cyber security cannot be understated. The cost of cyber crime is skyrocketing, and an information breach could take months to discover, making the problem much worse. The fine in Canada for permitting a data breach could be upwards of $100,000 with some ministers pushing for an increase of up to $30 million dollars. To not lose massive amounts of money, you will be forced to combat attacks that day-by-day are growing more nuanced. These attacks can come in many forms, but the one of the most common ways is through malware. Malware is an umbrella term that is used for a larger number of intrusive files or programs. The most well-known malware types are Viruses and Trojans. Viruses are bits of code that are loaded onto computers intending to do damage or steal information. A main feature of viruses is that they can replicate and attach themselves to files to be sent to another computer. A Trojan, however, is a program that is camouflaged as a legitimate program but carries out malicious activity when triggered. Other attacks take the form of SQL injection. This form of attack is when a hacker inserts SQL code into a SQL based server in order to force access, damage, or modify the database. Attackers will also use vulnerabilities in programs or applications, for example when the program is waiting for an update or patch.

There is a three-pronged approach to tackling cyber threats; people, processes, and technology. The people in question are your company’s employees. It is essential that they be trained and fully aware of their role in protecting your clients from cyber threats. Your staff must be up to date with the latest cyber risks and how they should respond to attacks. The processes for cyber attacks must clearly describe the roles and responsibilities of your employees, layout what needs to happen, and they must be regularly reviewed. Lastly, there’s the technology. It goes without saying that every company needs antivirus software, however, one overlooked area is technology gaps. These gaps can arise from a company using two security technologies from two different manufacturers.

We at Mindtrades, specialize in preparing you and your company for these types of attacks. We will devise prevention processes to make sure that your company will not only keep your clients’ information safe but also keep you from paying hefty fines.

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