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Cloud Technology: Trends to follow in 2020

Rashmi JainJanuary 26, 2020

More than 80% of the enterprises are expected to shift to the cloud platform by 2020. Cloud technology allows various people in an organization to access files and data in real-time, which eventually results in increased efficiency, improved agility, cost savings, and opportunities to innovate and grow. The business entities ranging from small start-ups to multi-national organizations are adopting cloud technology for their daily workloads and data sharing. Being one of the powerful technology, cloud computing and technology are innovating and emerging at a high pace. Let’s look at what it will hold in this new decade.

1. Serverless Computing

Serverless computing has ascent quite a popularity with an extensive improvement. The advantage of serverless is that it enables a developer to focus on their core product rather than managing and operating servers on cloud or on-premises. These programs are flexible and would enable organization to manage their expenses of cloud hosting. It’s predicted that by 2020 more than 20% of global enterprises would adopt serverless computing.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) would stay the focus for organizations across industries in 2020. The innovations in AI are giving organizations the chance to automate their processes and manage big data in the most efficient way possible. AI algorithms allow companies to handle both structured and unstructured data with great accuracy and speed. AI and ML are driving a lot of investments from various sectors of industries. According to a recent survey, 67% of the IT professionals believe that AI/ML will be a primary catalyst for cloud adoption in 2020.

3. Cloud Security

Companies are storing consumer data, involving confidential and personal details. The breach in the system seen in 2019 made cloud security one of the primary focus for this year. Data privacy, leakage, loss, and security are the growing concern as more and more organizations are now using cloud system for their data.

Apart from these, there is Edge Computing, Quantum Computing, Omni-Cloud, and Kubernetes, among others, to look forward this year. Mindtrades is continuously looking to grow their services and work on new opportunities to come.

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