We are at the cutting edge of innovation and technological advancement, and at the foreground is Big Data and Cloud Technologies. By combining these two technologies, we can enhance your business by providing a secure method for storing your data.
Cloud Strategy for Executives

Every so often there is a massive data breach at a large corporation that makes the headlines. These news stories help feed the myth that the cloud is insecure, however, the cloud is only a bad option …

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Hastening Digital Transformation with DevOps and CloudOps

Currently the dual trends of DevOps and CloudOps are throwing a wrench into the old business models and hatching new updated models. DevOps deals with internal release processes which then changes the …

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Big Data Trends in 2020

Big Data Analytics has significantly changed the face of business intelligence in the last decade. The big companies have been spending a fortune on technologies to utilize the enormous amount of data …

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