2020 Top 4 trends in Agile Management

Rashmi JainJanuary 26, 2020

The Agile concept has taken over the traditional waterfall software methodology. The Agile software methodology enables the team to deliver faster with more exceptional quality and predictability and to respond to change faster. It has been established over the past few years and yet continues to evolve and mature.

Let’s dig into the trends to look out for in 2020:

1. Value Stream Networks

Value stream management is the most significant emerging trend which will transform a variety of industries. Value stream mapping improves product implementation and delivery by bringing together the customer-centric and product-focused teams. It allows the team to create better products by considering customer feedback. It is an essential element for enterprises looking to reduce risks and improve continuously. The mapping also identifies and resolves redundancies, disconnects, and gaps at various levels to deliver customer outcomes.

To stay in this competitive world, a business needs to transition itself from project-oriented to product-delivery model; value stream and value stream mapping is the ideal way to make that change. Agile management tools, specifically Storyteller, enables large enterprises to implement and optimize their value streams. Storyteller is a perfect product to manage work and deliver business value faster.

2. **Agile Product Management

**The agile transformation works on the principle that the business owner and developers should communicate on a daily basis. Using agile tools and techniques, the product management understands and prioritizes the work based on its nature and value to the customer. It also involves regular participation and involvement of product owners and managers with cross-functional teams to benefit the partnership of IT and the business.

The enterprise business agility allows a tighter feedback loop to ensure the product management recognized higher customer satisfaction by delivering the top value products.

3. **DevOps

**DevOps work efficiently by removing the waste part from the software development lifecycle, accelerating the software deliveries. Agile and DevOps work together to improve the overall communication with the teams and further reducing software delays and failures.

4. Lean Portfolio Management

The word Lean emphasizes on the collaboration from top-level to bottom through planning, goal measurement, and transparency. This ensures to remove the lengthy approval chains or bottlenecks, leading to faster delivery of the project. By using business agility, you have more visibility and collaboration within the organization, which allows a common vision.

An agile transformation requires a change in the mindset of every individual working in the organization. It is not as simple as learning a few sets of guidelines or vocabulary terms. No doubt, when an enterprise operates on an agile mindset, it improves. The concept can be used in all domains, including portfolio management, IT, Product management, Human resources, to name a few.

If your organization is looking to adopt this concept, let us help you with it. To understand it better, get in touch with us.

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